About Us

Founded in 2005, Boston-Power has accomplished something truly groundbreaking by dramatically improving the quality and safety of lithium-ion batteries, while delivering performance levels unmatched in the industry.  The company stands out because of the passion and creativity its team brings to work each and every day – a commitment to excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by the promise of delivering on our mission to commercialize next-generation lithium-ion battery technology platform for high-energy density applications, featuring long-life, fast charge, safety and environmental sustainability.

With significant successes in the portable power market, Boston-Power’s vision is to now become “the most valued business partner to all of our customers, partners and suppliers by leading the world in electric vehicle (EV) innovation and consumer adoption.” The recent announcement that Boston-Power’s battery pack will be used in Beijing Electric Vehicle Company’s (BJEV) EVs is the first step in reaching this end.

Boston-Power is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA with a new Beijing Technology Center and mass manufacturing operations in Asia. The company is funded by top-tier venture capital firms GSR Ventures,  Foundation Asset Management and Oak Investment Partners.