Boston-Power...where innovation and energy connect

Our Mission

To provide superior long-range battery systems for next-generation EVs that benefit the customer and the environment as well.

Our Vision

To be the most valued business partner to all of our customers, partners and suppliers by leading the world in EV innovation and consumer adoption.

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Product Highlights

Beckett Energy Systems Battery Module

Beckett Energy’s advanced li-ion module provides customers an out-of-box experience that avoids the cost of custom pack solutions and accelerates time to market. Featuring Boston-Power’s high energy density li-ion cells, this module provides 1.1kWh energy in a compact form factor. Each 24Vdc module contains integrated electronics for cell monitoring, protection and balancing. Together with Beckett’s battery management system & controller, assemblies can be configured from 24Vdc to 500Vdc for a wide range of applications.

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